Earth and Space Assignment and Edible Solar System

To see pictures of our edible solar systems ( Click here
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Facts about our Solar System (Click here)
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Measuring the size of planets (Click here)
Exploring the planets (Click here)
Understanding inner and outer planets (Click here)
How Planets Compare in Size ( Click here)
Rotation and Revolution of planets and more (Click here)

Solar system quiz (Click here)
Solar system crossword puzzles (Click here)
Solar System word play (Click here)

Links for how to make your edible solar system to bring to our holiday party!
Cookie solar system (Click here)
Candy Solar system ( Click here )
Food ideas (click here)
String Solar System (Click here)
Cake idea but it should show order of planets for 5th grade
 (Click here) (Click here) (Click here)
More cookie ideas (Click here)
Edible Mars Rover (just to stir your imagination) (Click here)
Edible Sun (incase you want to team up with someone 
and each person brining in something to add to a team solar system) 
(Click here)
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The night sky ( click here)
Tonight's sky ( click here )
Moon calendar ( click here)
Solar System Trading Cards (click here)
Amazing Space Index of activities
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Discovering Planets ( click here )
Hubble Movie Theater (click here /click here)
Time Lapse (click here)
National Geographic Solar System ( click here)

Understanding the phases of the moon:
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