Where Does Your Pizza Come From?

Find out where the ingredients from you pizza come from. (click here

Earth's Water

To learn about Earth's water (click here)



New Sources For Kids

PBS: News Around the World for Kids (click here)
DOGONEWS (click here)
Washington Times Kid Post (click here)
BBC News Round For Kids (click here)
New York Times Student (click here)
WMFE Online News Hour for Students (click here)
The Why Files- Science Behind the News (click here)
Discovery Health News (click here)
National Wildlife Federation (click here)
Headline Spot: News Papers around the World (click here) (click here)
C-SPAN Classroom (click here)
Scholastic News (click here)
Google Living Stories: (click here)
Qwiki ( click here

Tool to make Current Event Report:
Glogger (click here)
Visual Thesaurus: (click here )


Science Vocabulary: Earth Science Visuals

List will grow:
Costal Plate ( click here )
Sand Dune ( click here )
Pangea / plate tectonics / continental drift
Milky Way Galaxy (click here)


FossWeb Modules

FossWeb Science and Math Modules 3-6 (click here)
FossWeb Science and Math Modules K-2 (click here)
FossWeb Science and Math Modules 6-8 (click here)
FossWeb Science and Math Modules Home Page ( click here)


Myths vs. Facts about the N1H1 Flu

Newscast: Facts and Myths about the Swine Flu ( click here )
Lesson on Swine Flu Myths (click here)
Center for Disease Control (click here)