Machines: Simple and Compound

Simple Machines: (1) (2) (3) (4) Game Home
Roller Coaster Simulation ( click here)
See Saw Simulation (click here)
Save the Lobster! (click here)

Compound Machine: (1) Game



Bug Run!

Activity: Measuring ( Bug Run )
Directions ( click here )
Resources ( click here)
In the interest of saving time, I'm going to let them graph the times so that we can learn measuring and graphing at the same time! :-)

Fractal Animation

Advanced math for 5th grade, but inspiring none the less.

Green House EFFECT

(1) Green House Effect- Fossil Fuels and the atmosphere
(2) Green House Effect- Encarta, CO2, cause and effect
(3) Green House Effect - Animation and worksheet.
Make the statement true.

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle ( Watch the Ads. When I posted this one, it didn't have the ads. Now you have to pull up the video and click full screen to avoid them.)

Worksheet Generators

Math Operations
APLUS MATH Worksheets

More good quick worksheets for a reveiw
Basic operations, generated, answer keys

Money Worksheet

These are just good review worksheets. 5th grade math is built on these skills.

BBC's Web Activities for Math, Science, English, and Spelling

Maths activities, games, tests and notes on numbers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals.
Examples: Ordering Decimals (click here) 
Dividing numbers (click here)
Factions ( click here )  
Science Activities (click here) 
English Activities (click here) 
Spelling Activities (click here) 
Writing Activities (click here) 
Reading Activities (click here) 

Cash Out

Count out the change and see if you are right!

Compare and Contrast

This is 3rd grade level only, but simples examples to share and then kick it up to a higher level.
These are the skills they need for FCAT Reading.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Grid Overview by grade and skill (click here)

Number and Operations ( click here )
Timed multiplication facts (click here)
Timed division facts (click here )
Timed addition facts (click here )
Timed subtraction facts (click here )
Algebra Skills (click here)
Geometry Skills (click here)
Measurement Skills (click here)
Data Analysis and Probability (click here)

Kids' Zone: Make A Graph

Kids' Zone Graphing Tools (click here)

Kids' Zone-Dare To Compare

Good Civics Quiz
To See Q and A: (click here )

My Florida Digital Warehouse

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