Mean Median and Mode

Lyrics to the song we are learning: Mean Median and Mode 
 “Mean, Median and Mode” by Study Jam

I know that these numbers are getting to you
Mean, median, and mode, are easy to confuse
Now don’t lose your mind
Math is on your side
Chorus: Mean is the average of everything
Median’s the middle
Mode is the frequency
Each provides a different view
Breaking down data
Giving you important clues

On the page are your the numbers,
 values to measured things
Add them up, then divide,
you know that’s the mean

So you’ve got more data
Ordered from low to high
Lo – o  – cate the middle number
It’s where the median lies

Once you’ve gathered your numbers
You know what to do
Identify the most frequent number
Mode is clearly in view


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In the interest of saving time, I'm going to let them graph the times so that we can learn measuring and graphing at the same time! :-)

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