Meet Charlie

Enjoying retirement and have been learning how to train dogs. I have a  rescued service dog who is now a therapy dog. His name is Charlie and he goes to Assisted Living facilities, libraries, hospitals, schools and is a member of the Reading Paws program in Florida.

We have enjoyed meeting so many boys and girls who love reading their books to Charlie. Now we are tutoring a family from Cambodia who do not know English very well. So I am going to be resurrecting FCAT-Anderson as I find links that will help my students on their journey to learn English.


I am retiring from teaching in the classroom,  so I will not be updating this blog any more. This blog allowed me to direct my students to websties I wanted them to use and allowed them to access the material at school or at home. Using a blog made it easy for students to find the website quickly and complete the activity.  The blog became my file cabinet for keeping up with websites that I used regularily in 5th grade. I also used the blog to store the websites that were passed around via e-mail from the different people in our county.   I'm sure there are many more web tools out there now that are easier to use, but it was hard to start over!

What I learned about integrating technology into the classroom is too numerous to explain here, but in closing, I will say... Best of luck to you in teaching your students in the information age and I hope that you will charge ahead in helping to bridge the digital divide.

Martie Anderson

Khan Academy

Decimals Place Value (Click here)
Decimals- Word Form (Click here)
Decimals on Number Line (Click here
Decimals - Rounding Decimals (Click here)
Decimals - Estimating with Decimals (Click here)
Decimals - Comparing Decimals (Click here)
Decimals - Subtracting Decimals (Click here)
Decimals - Subtracting Decimals:
Word Problems (Click here)
Decimals - Converting Decimals to Fractions
(Click here)
Decimals - Fractions to Decimals (Click here)
Decimals - Repeating Decimals (Click here)
Points on a Number Line (Click here)

Numerator and Denominators (Click here
Identifying Parts of a Fractions: (Click here)
Proper and Improper Fractions (Click here)
Converting Mixed numbers into Improper Fractions (Click here)
Changing an Improper Fraction into a Mixed number (Click here)
Finding Factors of a number (Click here)
Recognizing Prime Numbers (Click here)
Prime Factorization (Click here)
Equivalent Fractions (Click here)
Fractions in lowest terms (Click here)
Comparing Fractions 1 (Click here)
Comparing Fractions 2 ( Click here)
Adding Fractions with like denominators (Click here)
Least Common Multiple (LCM) (Click  here)
Finding common denominators (Click  here)
Adding fractions with unlike denominators (Click  here)
Adding Mixed Numbers (Click here)
Adding Mixed Numbers with unlike demoninators
(Click here)
Adding mixed numbers word problems (Click  here)
Subtracting Fractions (Click  here)
Subtracting mixed numbers 1 (Click  here)
Subtracting mixed numbers 2 ( Click here)

Weather Maker

Weather Maker (Click here)


Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers: (click here)
Took me a while to figure this one out, but great visualization for prime and composite numbers!

Prime Factorization

Here is something that you can use to check your answers AFTER YOU HAVE TRIED TO DO IT YOURSELF! I'm a big believer in instant feedback to help in learning. So remember to wait and try it yourself first. To go  to the website (Click here)

The Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle Links
(Click here)
Fossils in rock
(Click here)
My life as a rock
(Click here)
Weathering and Erosion
(Click here)

(Click here)
Water Cycle
(Click here)

Do not forget to take your Reading Counts test for books you are reading

Look up books
(Click here


Weather Data

Record you weather data and bring it to school.
(Click here)

Humidity - moisture in the air
Wind Speed - and direction
Barometer - atmospheric pressure

Temperature - current conditions
Look for patterns


Visuwords: Visual Dictionary

To get to Visuword's Website: (click here
A new tool : Lexipedia ( click here
KW Map (click here)
Language Toolbox (click here)
Mooter (click here)


Vocabulary Words Science

5th Grade Weather Vocabulary Words
(Click here) 


The Arctic Food Chain

Watch TED talk
What is the foundation of the food chain in an Arctic environment?
Video (Click here)
Photographs (Click here)   


Here are examples of 5th grade FCAT tests to practice with

It's not how "smart" you are, it's how hard you are willing to work to be successful! You have the ability, to be successful if you are willing to work hard for your goals. 

These are Old tests you can 
use to practice with:

Reading Test (click here)
Reading Test  Answer Key (click here)
Math test (click here)
Math test Answer Key (click here)
Science Sample Test ( click here)
Science Test ( click here )
Science Test Answer Key (click here)


Fun way to practice FCAT math skills -- Homework

Here is a fun multiplication game to practice
your multiplication factorization 
To go the the game: (click here)
FCAT--Fraction to Fraction (click here
FCAT--Fractions to Decimals (click here)

FCAT-- Fractions to Percent  //  (click here)
FCAT- Estimating Angles // (click here
FCAT- Making Change // (click here) 
FCAT- Math Olympics (click here
Multiplication Chess (click here)
This one will hook you! Be careful
Matching Fractions, 
Decimals and Percents

Multiplying Fractions // (click here)

Learn your multiplication facts 
if you don't know them!
Equivalent fractions // (click here

Factorization // (click here)

Angle Sums (click here)

Data Sets (click here

Shape Sorter (click here)
Calculation Nation (click here)
You have to set up an account
to access the games. Use your
 e-mail account
What is this shape's area?

Virtual Manipulative Website by Glencoe (click here)
Hartcourt's Math e-Lab (click here)

Primary Krypto
Order of Operations
(click here


National Geo Wild

National Geo Wild (Click here)
These website is not ad free :-(
Kid's Corner : ( Click here )

Classification: What Kind of Animals ?
  (Click here) (Click here)

Kinds of Animals
Mammals (Click here)
Reptiles (Click here)
 Birds (Click here)
 Amphibians (Click here)
Fish (Click here)
Warm-blooded vs. Cold-blooded (Click here)
Animal Babies (Click here)
Physical Characteristics (Click here)

Classification Game 
(Click here - upper left-hand corner)

 Parts of a Food Chain:
Herbivore (Click here)
Carnivores (Click here)
Omnivore (Click here )
Decomposers (Click here)

Food Chains (Click here)
Parts of a Food Chain ( Click here)
Bigger Food Chains (Click here)
Photosynthesis (Click here)

Food Chain Game ( Click here - upper left-hand corner)

Why are some of the animals in major biomes endangered? 

Endangered Animals by biomes Click here)
What's the Problem: (Click here)
Great Coral Reef (Click here)
Africa's Savanna (Click here)
Amazon Rainforest (Click here)

What you need to know for FCAT! 
1. Vocabulary words on this page and what they mean.
2. Connect the dots: How do they related to each other?
3. Describe how, when the environment changes, 
4.  Describe differences between individuals allow some plants and animals to survive and reproduce while others die or move to new locations.
5.  Compare and contrast adaptations displayed by animals and plants that enable them to survive in different environments such as life cycles variations, animal behaviors and physical characteristics.


FCAT Explorer

To access FCAT Explorer (Click here)
Your passwords are supposed to be written in the back of your planner.


Earth and Space Assignment and Edible Solar System

To see pictures of our edible solar systems ( Click here
Reference Links for your assignment
NASA Photos ( Click here )
The Planets ( Click here
NASA Science ( Click here )
Study Jams ( Click here )
Facts about our Solar System (Click here)
Solar system facts (Click here)
Measuring the size of planets (Click here)
Exploring the planets (Click here)
Understanding inner and outer planets (Click here)
How Planets Compare in Size ( Click here)
Rotation and Revolution of planets and more (Click here)

Solar system quiz (Click here)
Solar system crossword puzzles (Click here)
Solar System word play (Click here)

Links for how to make your edible solar system to bring to our holiday party!
Cookie solar system (Click here)
Candy Solar system ( Click here )
Food ideas (click here)
String Solar System (Click here)
Cake idea but it should show order of planets for 5th grade
 (Click here) (Click here) (Click here)
More cookie ideas (Click here)
Edible Mars Rover (just to stir your imagination) (Click here)
Edible Sun (incase you want to team up with someone 
and each person brining in something to add to a team solar system) 
(Click here)
For a List of Question for your project (Click here)

The night sky ( click here)
Tonight's sky ( click here )
Moon calendar ( click here)
Solar System Trading Cards (click here)
Amazing Space Index of activities
 ( click here / click here / click here )
Discovering Planets ( click here )
Hubble Movie Theater (click here /click here)
Time Lapse (click here)
National Geographic Solar System ( click here)

Understanding the phases of the moon:
(Click here )(Click here )(Click here ) (Click here)

2011 New websites added:
 (Click here)(Click here) (Click here) (Click here)
(Click here) (Click here)

(Click here)
Watch the "how to video" (Click here


Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary Practice
Here is another fun spelling game you may want to check out

Words in context ( Click here)

Synonyms and Antonyms (Click here) 

  Dictionary, Thesaurus, Rhyming 


FCAT 5th Grade Math Vocabulary Words

FCAT Math Vocabulary Set 1 ( click here

Vocabulary: Reference Tools

Visual Dictionary ( click here )

Word Central ( click here ) 

The Visual Dictionary  ( click here

Weboworld ( click here

 More to come....